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I recently had someone ask why I have been sharing articles about polyamory and kink.

For those who do not know, one of my areas of specialty includes working with folks who fall anywhere in the spectrum of “alternative sexuality.” Sexuality is broken down to include anatomical sex

  • anatomical sex
  • gender identification (GLBTQIA+)
  • gender expression
  • sexual orientation
  • relationship structures & styles (monogamy or non-monogamy; consensual power exchange)
  • sexual attraction
  • sexual activities

As you can see, there are several areas of sexuality where a person can identify as “non-traditional” or “alternative.” While a person’s mental health is not considered unhealthy just because they fall somewhere along the alternative spectrum, working with a sensitive and aware psychologist is often a preference as it can play a role in the issues and concerns brought into therapy.

So, I have been posting information to educate all of you, destigmatize alternative sexuality, and address concerns specific to folks in these communities.

While there is not one all-inclusive pride flag, I have found 3 that encapsulate the possibilities in terms of sexuality and I’m including them here. I can explain the meaning of each flag in a separate post if you are interested.

BDSM Pride Flag

Polyamory Pride Flag

Dr. Irgang
Dr. Lisa Irgang is a Clinical Psychologist and the Owner of Relationship Solutions Center. She provides a variety of services to meet her clients needs. Dr. Lisa has worked with people throughout Chicagoland, helping with adjusting to significant life changes, ADHD, Alternative Sexualities, Anxiety Disorders, Bipolar Disorder, Dealing with Chronic Illness, Depression, Low self-esteem, Parenting special needs children, Relationship concerns, and Trauma. She's a graduate of Argosy University Chicago and a Fellow at CLII - Collaborative Law Institute of Illinois.

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