Collaborative Divorce is an alternative conflict resolution option that allows you to maintain control and privacy.  The process is based on active participation of all parties and your team is trained to maximize effectiveness in addressing issues, rather than exacerbating conflict that is often part of a traditional, litigated divorce.  Your team will assist you and your partner in making decisions about finances, division of property and assets, and your children.

Professionals trained in the Collaborative Divorce process are creative in the ability to negotiate solutions that work for both parties, while maintaining focus on future goals and needs and preparing for life after divorce.  It is also likely you will save money as much of the costs involved in a collaborative divorce are spent in face-to-face time, rather than court costs and time it takes your attorney to prepare and represent you in the court room.

Collaborative Divorce is considered an interest based negotiation, which empowers individuals and couples to decide what their goals are, set priorities and create shared solutions that consider the interests and needs of both parties.  Your attorneys will advise you about legal statues involved in getting a divorce, such as maintenance, division of assets and child support.  Often it is useful to bring in a Financial Neutral to help both parties understand their current financial situation and brainstorm options for their future.

If you choose Collaborative Divorce, I can assist you and team as either a Coach or Parenting Coordinator. My role as a Coach differs from the role I would have in therapy as your psychologist.  If you work with me as a psychologist while going through a divorce, my role is to help you heal from the grief and loss, while also moving forward with you new life or what can be called your “new normal”.  Alternatively, as a Coach, my hob is to help you manage the emotions you will face while going through the process.  You can expect to feel anger, sadness, anxiety, depression and confusion. I will guide you through the process and support you while managing the various emotions.  I also help set the agenda for meetings, identify interests and coach you to improve your communication in a way that will help make your interests clear, while also learning how to negotiate and find compromises.

We might need to address how to best help your child transition into having two homes.  If you choose to work with me as a Child Specialist, my job is to help you identify and remain focused on your child(s) developmental needs.  I will help you write a parenting plan, including when each of you will have parenting time on a weekly basis and during holidays.  We will also determine if you can share parental decision-making in regard to school, medical, religious and extracurricular activities.

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