Who are all these people on Relationship Solutions Center website?

Along with some of my collaborative colleagues, I have put an ad in the Illinois Psychological Association (IPA) quarterly newsletter that was published and distributed on Friday, April 16th.

Our hope is to educate psychologists about the benefits of collaborative divorce. As you know, or can imagine, psychologists are right there with folks as they make the difficult decision about the future of their relationship. While my general view is to work toward improving a relationship, there are times it is best for a couple (or throuple) to go their separate ways.

How does Dr. Irgang work with folks who are struggling in their relationships?

My guide is always safety first. If there is evidence of domestic violence, I help the victim create a safe space.

Outside of safety, my goal is to help change happen. I have a lot of thoughts about change, but most important in these situations is to

try to create change if both people are willing, capable and ready to change.

(a frequent quote by Dr. Irgang)

When a person works to create change, yet still feels unhappy or dissatisfied, the best solution for them might be divorce.

What if change doesn’t happen?

In this case, I truly feel Collaborative Divorce is the best option. Collaborative Divorce allows couples to:

  • Maintain control of the decisions and process
  • Allows the ability to think outside the box, while respecting statutes/state laws
  • Keeps the process private and out of court (until the final papers are ready)
  • Get the necessary help managing emotions (particularly during negotiations), improve conflict resolution skills and improve communication. This is especially crucial if you have children together. Even if you don’t have children together, the skills you will learn can help in other relationships – both personal and professional.

If you are thinking about, or are ready to transition to this next stage of your life, please reach out to myself or one of my colleagues. We are happy to explain the process in more detail. We are there for you every step of the way!

Dr. Irgang
Dr. Lisa Irgang is a Clinical Psychologist and the Owner of Relationship Solutions Center. She provides a variety of services to meet her clients needs. Dr. Lisa has worked with people throughout Chicagoland, helping with adjusting to significant life changes, ADHD, Alternative Sexualities, Anxiety Disorders, Bipolar Disorder, Dealing with Chronic Illness, Depression, Low self-esteem, Parenting special needs children, Relationship concerns, and Trauma. She's a graduate of Argosy University Chicago and a Fellow at CLII - Collaborative Law Institute of Illinois.

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