Who are all these people on Relationship Solutions Center website? Along with some of my collaborative colleagues, I have put an ad in the Illinois Psychological Association (IPA) quarterly newsletter that was published and distributed on Friday, April 16th. Our hope is to educate psychologists
What happens to divorcing couples in the middle of a pandemic?Where can parents go for help with custody disputes when the courts are closed?Families are in crisis, and they don’t know where to turn. Collaborative Practice is an internationally-recognized method created to help divorcing couples,
A love bank is how you feel connected, cared about and valued by others. The concept of a LOVE BANK was first developed by Dr. William Harley in 1986. It is how you consciously or unconsciously keep track of how others treat you. Like a
I invite you to celebrate Happy Metamour Day by learning something about non-monogamy A metamour is a partner of your partner, but with whom you don’t share a romantic relationship. So, a metamour can be a spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, play partner, dominant, submissive, etc. There