The power of touch

Did you know today is National Hug Day?  As soon as I found out, my immediate thought was about the power of touch.  

Think about it.  Do you have people in your life that give amazing hugs?  What makes it amazing?

For me, a hug envelops me in a persons’ warmth.  Their touch is calming and grounding.  I feel accepted, cared about and supported.  Hugs show me I am not alone.  Hugs feel empowering.

Similarly, people might offer hugs and it doesn’t quite envelope me in the same way.  Those hugs are still valuable.  They are a statement of connection.  These hugs still make me feel cared about.  They show the person has physically heard and emotionally listened.

Even quickie’s have benefit.  When someone hugs me as a greeting, it makes me feel special.  Hugs are always a statement of connection and vulnerability.  We tend to hug someone we feel safe with and around.  If we are vulnerable, we can be hurt.  So, someone giving me a quickie communicates a level of safety.  This is especially true if I know a person only hugs certain people. 

Furthermore, when someone is open to receiving a hug from me, it means I have earned their trust.  It feels just as amazing to give those feelings to others – connection, trust, showing I care, am willing to support you and you are not alone.

So…TODAY offer someone a HUG.  (Yes, get their consent before doing embracing them!)   Bring a moment of joy to someone’s day!

Tell me how you feel when getting a hug and how you feel giving one.  I think you will be amazed when you are mindful about the process.

Have a great hug filled day!

Dr. Irgang


Dr. Irgang
Dr. Lisa Irgang is a Clinical Psychologist and the Owner of Relationship Solutions Center. She provides a variety of services to meet her clients needs. Dr. Lisa has worked with people throughout Chicagoland, helping with adjusting to significant life changes, ADHD, Alternative Sexualities, Anxiety Disorders, Bipolar Disorder, Dealing with Chronic Illness, Depression, Low self-esteem, Parenting special needs children, Relationship concerns, and Trauma. She's a graduate of Argosy University Chicago and a Fellow at CLII - Collaborative Law Institute of Illinois.

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