I invite you to celebrate Happy Metamour Day by learning something about non-monogamy A metamour is a partner of your partner, but with whom you don’t share a romantic relationship. So, a metamour can be a spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, play partner, dominant, submissive, etc. There
Stress happens when we perceive an event as disturbing or threatening. Feeling “stressed” or anxious can occur when: you feel overwhelmed by responsibilities. you experience loneliness or rejection. you fear losing something important to you. you experience an adverse natural event, or you feel your
Brené Brown is such an inspiration to living authentically. As someone who also works to live authentically and believes in the power of stories, she is always an inspiration. Remember, you are worthy.
No, not a sassy attitude!  Haha Do you have ADHD? A learning disability? Or maybe you are have a family member with ADHD and/or Learning Disabilities.  ADDITUDE is a magazine full of information! It offers strategies and support for those living with these disorders. I’ve