Brené Brown is such an inspiration to living authentically. As someone who also works to live authentically and believes in the power of stories, she is always an inspiration. Remember, you are worthy.
No, not a sassy attitude!  Haha Do you have ADHD? A learning disability? Or maybe you are have a family member with ADHD and/or Learning Disabilities.  ADDITUDE is a magazine full of information! It offers strategies and support for those living with these disorders. I’ve
Everyone needs to be noticed and appreciated.  In honor of National Compliment Day, are you willing to take the challenge to give yourself at least 10 compliments to yourself? So many of us either ignore the positive we do on a daily basis, don’t believe
The power of touch Did you know today is National Hug Day?  As soon as I found out, my immediate thought was about the power of touch.   Think about it.  Do you have people in your life that give amazing hugs?  What makes it amazing?
It’s 15 days into 2020!  How are you doing so far? On New Year’s Eve I wrote about making resolutions and talking about switching from #resolutions to creating #goals.  It would be great to hear how that is working for you. One of my goals