I have been chatting with Dr. Ragsdale over the past couple of days. His letter was shared via the Illinois Psychological Association listserv. I found it very powerful. With many of my sessions this week focusing on processing George Floyd’s murder, I continue to seek
What happens to divorcing couples in the middle of a pandemic?Where can parents go for help with custody disputes when the courts are closed?Families are in crisis, and they don’t know where to turn. Collaborative Practice is an internationally-recognized method created to help divorcing couples,
I had planned on writing about grief later in the month, but after my 99-year-old grandmother passed on Sunday, I decided it makes more sense for me to talk about grief now. “Grief is what we feel inside. Mourning is what we experience and show
A love bank is how you feel connected, cared about and valued by others. The concept of a LOVE BANK was first developed by Dr. William Harley in 1986. It is how you consciously or unconsciously keep track of how others treat you. Like a
Over the course of the month, I will be talking about various mental health concerns.  Before doing so, I thought it would be helpful to define psychology and what a psychologist does. Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and behavior.  To use the
With the 1st also being a day to celebrate Mother Goose, the author of fairy tales nursery rhymes we love. In that spirit, I’ve written my first rhyme. I hope it works and you like it. As mental health awareness month begins,             It’s time
Across Illinois, and the United States, we are watching the number of cases and deaths due to the coronavirus grow. Multiple times a day, there are reports about projections and warnings for how to keep safe. Last night, Illinois Governor Pritzkzer extended the stay-at-home order
To help all people to have access to telepsychology. Currently, the federal government has approved the use of telepsychology as long as folks have access to technology that MUST include video and audio. Many of our older generation (covered by Medicare) do not have access
Hello everyone! I hope you are doing well and managing your anxiety and boredom during the stay-at-home order. If you are not aware, the Governor’s stay-at-home order put in place this past Saturday, March 21st, identify Mental Health providers as essential This means I am
I invite you to celebrate Happy Metamour Day by learning something about non-monogamy A metamour is a partner of your partner, but with whom you don’t share a romantic relationship. So, a metamour can be a spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, play partner, dominant, submissive, etc. There